Monkey Sox are designed to mirror how the body acts and feels different, left to right, for those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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Monkey Sox are committed to inspiring an active lifestyle for all so the SPORT range is designed with activity in mind.

The difference to other socks is in our design; the left does not match the right.

The difference to other socks is in our ethos; Monkey Sox donate 50% net profits equally to three MS charities.

The difference to other socks is in our quality; we use technical yarns and constructions to optimise comfort and support so you can focus on your best performance yet.



Monkey Sox are committed to raising awareness about MS so the LEISURE range is designed with conversation in mind.

If asked why your socks are mis-matched share the Monkey Sox story!

“Monkey Sox mirror how the body acts and feels different left to right for those living with Multiple Sclerosis. Not only that, 50% net profits are donated equally to three MS charities.”

We are confident you will enjoy the quality of your socks too; knitted in a fine cotton blend for perfect comfort and hold.

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We know that Monkey Sox makes talking about MS easier, so the KIDS range is designed with storytelling in mind.

Little monkeys understand more about MS when you explain how the monkey feels.

“His brain gets messages jumbled up like odd socks. His body does not act and feel the same left and right. Somedays he feels full of energy and happy, other days his eye are blurry, his body feels weak and prickly, he feels tired and needs to rest.”



Monkey Sox are crafted by a team of experts in Braga, a beautiful historic town north of Porto.

The factory are committed to quality and innovation. They are one step ahead of us all the time, experimenting with the latest technology to offer world class products.

Monkey Sox are made on circular knitting machines, then linked, steamed and packaged by hand. Hands that all know the story and spirit of Monkey Sox and are a huge part of our journey.

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