Monkey Sox is NOT FOR PROFIT AND supports THE multiple sclerosis community



We are James + Lianne, husband + wife. James is a doctor, Lianne a designer.

Following James diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in July 2016 we wanted to create an inspiring way to raise awareness and funds for the MS community.

Launching in September 2018 our aims remain to inspire an active lifestyle and open conversations about MS.

We understand that MS is a life changing diagnosis but Monkey Sox has helped us feel more positive, supported and in control.

We know that Monkey Sox makes talking about MS easier!

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MS Society

Our donations contribute to world class research led by the MS Society.

Founded in 1953, the MS Society continues to invest in groundbreaking research with a vision for a world free from the effects of MS.

We are proud to contribute to the Stop MS campaign, the biggest fundraising appeal in the history of the MS Society. The campaign aims to raise £100 million to change the profile of MS research trials, fast tracking new treatment options to halt MS.

We believe in the huge potential and are fascinated by the changes and advances in research that give hope to all people living with MS.

Read more about the history of the MS Society research projects here.



We support the essential training of MS nurses lead by the MS Trust.

The team of MS nurses at Charing Cross Hospital have supported James every step since his diagnosis so we understand the positive impact of a nursing support team.

However the MS Trust estimate around 78,000 people living with all types of MS in the UK live in areas where there are not enough MS nurses to look after everyone.

They are changing this by working with NHS organisations around the UK to train and post MS specialist nurses in the most needed areas.

Read more about the MS Trust Specialist Nurse Programme here.

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We join in empowering all people with MS to live healthier and happier lives with MS-UK.

We support their national counselling service, understanding through our own experiences the value of talking about MS and accepting its emotional not just physical impact on many areas of private, family, work and social life.

Our donations also contribute to the MS-UK wellness centre, Joseph’s Court. Here specialist equipment and access to complementary therapies enables those living with all forms of MS to stay active and stay social - two important ingredients when coping with MS.

Read more about the services of MS-UK here.


£6000 donated in year 1

A figure we are incredibly proud of, and not just this, we have opened many conversations to improve understanding and raise awareness of MS.

We are proud to see a Monkey Sox community growing. A new way to support all people living with MS, whether newly diagnosed, living with MS for years, the partner, a family member or friend.

We enter year 2 with many exciting projects ahead. Our goal remains to inspire all people to stay active, change perceptions and open more conversations about MS.

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