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Cycling Bundle: Pink


Save over 20%. Worth £57.

Select your sizes to build the ultimate bundle for you and others!

Socks listed from left to right:

  1. Classic Diamond Black + Pink
  2. Thermo Merino Black
  3. Breaker Oversocks Pink + Turquoise

A trio built for all season cyclists, after all there’s no such thing as bad weather only poor preparation!

Layer up with a classic Crew, luxury Merino and protective Oversocks with pre cut cleat holes.   Offering technical features* including light compression, arch support and breathable mesh.

*See individual pages for full features.

Made in small batches in Portugal.

Designed in London with odd but co-ordinated styling to represent how the body can act and feel different left to right when living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

50% of profits donated to MS charities